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Introduce the Exati platform to your base, sign contracts and get exclusive benefits as you move up through the ranks.


Reference in the public lighting market.

Versatile solution applicable to a wide range of services.


Receive commissions above the market standard.

Your earnings increase as you keep active customers. Upgrade your category and be amazed by all the benefits available.


Assist the customer in the software implementation process and provide level 1 support when necessary.

Integrated Call Center.

For each contract, module or Exati product sold, receive part of the negotiated values. The more customers you prospect, the greater the bonus you receive.

Clientes ativos


Até 4





Comisão por cliente

Acima do mercado
+ bônus em cada novo cliente
Acima do mercado
Acima do mercado
+ bônus em todos os clientes
+ prêmio a cada nova venda
SLA padrão
SLA diferenciado com nível de suporte 3
SLA Prioritário com equipe de suporte especializada em todos os níveis
Por 4 anos
Por 6 anos
Enquanto o contrato do cliente estiver ativo.
5 - 8

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